Jesus' Name

Jesus (Messieh or Messiah)

Name of the Jewish Messieh and founder of Christian Messianic Judaism.

A compound name derived from "Jeh" a contraction of Ehjeh (Exodus 3:14: I AM) joined with "yesha" the Hebrew word salvation (Jeh-yesha); shortened to Jehsha(s) adding the "s" for syntax. Hence Jehsha(s) is transliterated Jesus.

Moses was the first to make a compound name from Ehjeh and Oshea forming Jeh-Oshea or as in the KJV Jehoshua (see Numbers 13:16).

By connecting I AM the meaning of Ehjeh with SALVATION the meaning of yesha, we draw near understanding what the name Jesus means.

Scholars differ on the meaning of Ehjeh asher Ehjeh in Exodus 3:14. It is generally accepted to mean I AM that I AM. Ehjeh was the God of deliverance for the Israelites from Egypt. The name Jesus derived from Ehjeh ( I AM) plus that of Yesha (salvation) reveals the God of the burning bush as DELIVERER but now who has appeared to bring SALVATION (See Matthew 1:23).  The meaning of Jesus' name is captured in the words of Gabriel: "thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins."

Jesus is a correct and accurate rendering of the Hebrew Jeh-yesha and the associated names Jeh-oshea, Jehoshua, and JehShua(s). The Iesous spelling in Greek is a Jewish name not a Greek name. On the cross the name Jesus was written in Hebrew as Iehshas, in Greek as Iesous, in Latin as Iesus. The Iesous spelling is found in the 280BC Septuagint Greek version of the Jewish Scriptures (In Greek there is no "sh" sound so the "h" is omitted).

Modern commentators give the name Jesus the meaning "Jehovah has become or brought salvation." It is extremely doubtful that the ancients understood Ehjeh or I AM to be the name Jehovah or Yahweh. The name Jehovah was invented by Raymundus Martini in his book Pugeo Fidei in the year 1270 A.D. The name Yahweh was invented by Catholic Hebrew scholar Benedictine Gilbertus Genebrardus between 1550-1567AD. Yahweh was invented by corruption of YaBe of the Samaritan bible with the tetragrammation YHVH.  Genebrardus altered YaBe into YaVe.  By providing the silent "h" he formed YaHveH.  The letter "v" (vau) was later changed into a Yiddish "w"  (waw) sound and YaHweH became the more popular guess name of scholars.

Hebrew alphabet:
The Hebrew letter "I" (Iod) underwent a change in pronunciation with German Yiddish influence. It is now known as the "yod or yud." There is no letter "y" in the ancient Hebrew language. The "Y" sound attributed to this letter was borrowed by Jews from the German language. The shape of the letter "I" or "yod" was derived from the Egyptian cobra which stood for the soft "g" and our letter "j" sound as in "jelly."  Obviously if the letter J  descends in Hebrew as the Iod and its sound in the form of the cobra was the soft "g" sound, the pronunciation of the name Jesus cannot be claimed to be a modern corruption.

In recent years it has been claimed the letter "J" together with its "g" sound was invented in the sixteenth century. This is only partially true, the letter form was created for an existing sound associated with the letter I.  Petrus Ramus (d. 1572) was the first to separate the I and J sounds of the letter I.  The sound of the letter "J" goes back to ancient times.  To distinguish the sound of J from that of I a hook was placed at the bottom of the letter I. According to sources, the letter J and its sound came from the romance languages. But this is not true, the sound passed through these from ancient sources.  It can be proven the letter J sound has been associated with the letter I all the way back to ancient Egypt.  There is no "yah" in the name of Jesus, rather this is the name of the Egyptian moon god.  Thus, "Yahshua" means moon saviour.

Jesus is the salvation name of God.  See also Luke 21:17, Acts 2:38, Acts 4:12


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