Thoughts on the Old Testament
"for ever"  &  Moed vs Megiddo

Many Christians these days are keeping the old testament feast & holy days based on the great desire to do things right, according to the will of the Lord. These regulations were supposed to be "for ever" just as it is written in the first 5-books of the old testament. Main stream Christians however believe that the feast & holy days and the ceremonial law in general were done away with when our Lord Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind.

To clarify this dilemma of diverging opinions let us consider some of the instances were the "for ever" statement can be found in the old testament:

Passover is one of those holy days perhaps one of the most important ones. Can any household keep Passover without killing the Passover lamb, eating its meat and visibly painting its blood on the three door posts of the main entrance to the house? Not if one wants to observe it according to the commandment which was meant to be "for ever". What did Jesus and his disciples do on that occasion? Friday was the day of unleavened bread the same day on which the Passover lamb had to be killed. Please note that for the Jews the beginning of Friday was Thursday at sundown (in principle also applies to any other day). So Jesus and the disciples ate the bread and drank the wine at the beginning of the day of unleavened bread which for us is Thursday evening. The bible does not mention anything about Jesus and the disciples eating the Passover lamb between the happenings of the upper room and the remainder of Thursday evening, and if they had eaten it and put the blood of it on the door posts of that upper room, then it certainly would have been worth mentioning, but no such evidence exists. Instead Jesus offered himself up that same day which was Friday (Thursday sundown to Friday sundown). So we see here that the ordinance of the Passover the way it had been prescribed in the old testament with the "for ever" character had come to a halt at the end of Jesus' ministry here on earth. How could it be that, what had been specifically mandated in the old testament to be observed "for ever", was not to be observed any more in the original format, but had to be changed to suit the new circumstances of Jesus' sacrificial death?

Every holy day, every feast day had to be rigidly observed in old testament times, otherwise it would not have been acceptable to God. A Passover without blood on the door posts would have been no Passover at all. And what did Jesus do at the end of his ministry here on earth? He instituted a new occasion to be commemorated until He would come again, 1.Cor.11:26 "For as often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup, ye do show the Lord's death till He come." No more killing of the Passover lamb, instead the commemoration of Jesus' crucifixion. No more blood on the door posts of the house, instead the symbolical application of Jesus' blood to the portal of our heart. The old testament Passover was not to be any more because a new memorial had been instituted in its place. The "for ever" requirement for the old testament Passover had come to an end. How could that be? Must be that, what we today understand to be the meaning of "for ever", had not exactly been what the Lord had in mind. Not everybody is of the opinion that the Passover had come to an end, but most Christians agree that it has been changed. Either way, the "for ever" clause is not exactly fitting.  In conclusion we can say that the old testament Passover was changed and is living on today in the Christian Churches as the "Lord's Supper" (sometimes called "communion service") which in one particular denomination also includes a foot washing ceremony.  The foot washing ceremony along with eating the bread and drinking the cup is exactly what Jesus and his disciples did in the upper room. This is the new Passover which is not to be "for ever" but is to be commemorated only until the Lord comes again.

Here is another "for ever" statement which clearly was not meant to be for ever:
According to  Ex.21:6 Hannah gave her son Samuel (just weaned) to Eli the high priest to serve him "for ever". Is Samuel still serving Eli today? Obviously not. The "for ever" meaning here then is "continuously until not possible any more". If you took the time to go through the old testament to find all the "for ever" requirements, you would find that there are more than 300 of these instances, and you would see that for the most part they mean "regularly (or continuously) without interruption until not possible any more".

For a different understanding of this "for ever" phrase let us take a look at Gen.13:15 for example. The Lord is giving the land to Abraham's seed "for ever". Has the land always been in Israel's possession? Not at all, there have been prolonged periods in which Israel was not even in that land which the Lord had assigned to Abraham's seed. In our time (1948) the land was given back to Israel. The "for ever" meaning here then is "continually with possible interruptions but in the end (after the 2nd coming of the Lord) definitely for ever".

Still a different understanding we find in 1.Sam.2:30. Here the Lord said to Eli the high priest, "I said indeed that thy house and the house of thy father should walk before me for ever; but now the Lord saith, be it far from me..."  The meaning in this case is "continually, until the Lord says otherwise".

What about all the things that were required to be done by the priesthood "for ever" in connection with the temple service? Well, the temple is not there any more, and, as far as I can see, will not be rebuilt ever again regardless of what the Jews have in mind. In fact, everything pertaining to the temple service (which according to the old testament was to be "for ever") only "was a figure for the time then present" (Heb.9:9). Those sacrifices "which they offered year by year continually" (Heb.10:1) could never make them perfect. "For then would they not have ceased to be offered?" (Heb.10:2). This is a clear indication that the sacrificial system and all the regulations connected with the temple service had come to an end; and if we continue to read the book of Hebrews we should be able to see that even the most holy of all the Jewish festivals, the day of Atonement, seems to have come to an end (Heb.10:2,3). This is the day when everybody was supposed to afflict their souls on account of their transgressions coming to mind on that occasion. According to Paul there is no point of trying to bring our sins to remembrance every year because in dying for us the Lord once and for all purged our sins that we "should have no more conscience of sins". Looks like the last holy day each year, the day of atonement, has ceased to be, and the first holy day each year is no more, i.e. the Passover as instituted in old testament times - does it make sense to keep the festivals in between? Let's face it, the old testament "for ever" is not the same as the understanding we have of it today.

The laws of the old testament (or old covenant) can be divided into three groups, the moral law (decalogue), the ceremonial law (holy days & temple service), and the dietary law. The moral law (decalogue) cannot be done away with as it is the transcript of God's character. Concerning the dietary law it would be wise if we stick to it for the maintenance of our own good health. With regard to the ceremonial law the apostle Paul denounced the early Christians for wanting to "observe days, and months, and times, and years" Gal.4:10. What was he talking about? He couldn't have been referring to the decalogue. Must be that he had the ceremonial law in mind because there is nothing else in the old testament dealing with that subject. This (Gal.4:10) is a rebuke for every Christian who is observing the old testament Holy & Feast days.

The rites and ceremonies of the law were given by Christ Himself, who, enshrouded in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, was the leader of the hosts of Israel; and this law was to be treated with great respect, for it was sacred. Even after it was NO LONGER TO BE OBSERVED, Paul presented it before the Jews in its true position and value, showing its place in the plan of redemption as seen from the old testament perspective and its relation to the work of Christ.  The great apostle pronounces this law glorious, worthy of its divine Originator. THAT WHICH WAS TO BE DONE AWAY was glorious, but it was not the law instituted by God for the government of His family in heaven and on earth; for as long as the heavens shall remain, so long shall the law of the Lord endure (ST July 29, 1886). {6BC 1095.6} which is the law of the 10-Commandments.

(Acts 15:4-29). The Wisdom of Paul. --- Paul... describes the visit which he made to Jerusalem to secure a settlement of the very questions which were at that time agitating the churches of Galatia, as to WHETHER THE GENTILES SHOULD submit to circumcision and KEEP THE CEREMONIAL LAW. This was the only instance in which he had deferred to the judgment of the other apostles as superior to his own. He had first sought a private interview, in which he set the matter in all its bearings before the leading apostles, Peter, James, and John. With far-seeing wisdom, he concluded that if these men could be led to take a RIGHT POSITION, everything would be gained. Had he first presented the question before the whole council, there would have been a division of sentiment. The strong prejudice which already existed because he had not enforced circumcision on the Gentiles, would have led many to take a stand against him. Thus the object of his visit would have been defeated, and his usefulness greatly hindered. But the three leading apostles, against whom no such prejudice existed, having themselves been won to THE TRUE POSITION, brought the matter before the council, and won from all a concurrence in the decision to leave the GENTILES FREE FROM THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE CEREMONIAL LAW (LP 192, 193).  {6BC 1108.4}

And now, having spoken plainly of the fulfillment of familiar prophecies concerning the Messiah, Paul preached unto them repentance and the remission of sin through the merits of Jesus their Saviour. "Be it known unto you," he said (Acts 13:39), "that through this Man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: and by Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could NOT be JUSTIFIED BY THE LAW OF MOSES."  {AA 172.2}

Keeping the old testament "for ever" regulations means to disregard the writings of Paul which is something not everybody seems to be aware of.

The followers of the old testament feast & holy day movement base their beliefs on a far fetched interpretation of the word Armageddon (Rev.16:16), Satan's last battle against God. The first part of the word Armageddon comes from the Hebrew har which means mountain. The second part is commonly attributed to the ancient city of Megiddo which taken together then would suggest that this is about the end time battle at the mountain of Megiddo. However the followers of the old testament feast & holy day movement equate the second part of the word Armageddon with moed which means feasts, congregation, assembly. In other words, it is believed that Armageddon is about the battle of keeping the old testament feast & holy days, and this is based on the idea that moed supposedly is a better fit than Megiddo for the interpretation of the word Armageddon - does that sound right?

There is a verse in the old testament where Satan is picturing himself sitting on the
mount of the congregation (Isa.14:13),
"For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north"
. Is this the har-moed or mount of the moed which supposedly ties in with Armageddon of Rev.16:16? It would be nice if there were an affinity between moed and (Ar)mageddon, because then it would be not too difficult to see that Armageddon would be about the battle of keeping the old testament feast & holy days. But from a linguistic point of view there is absolutely no connection between moed and (Ar)mageddon which makes it hard to justify that the two should have the same meaning.

Keeping the old testament feast & holy days then is based on the vague interpretation of making Armageddon mean mount of the moed or mount of the festivals instead of mount of Megiddo. The concept is often mentioned and repeated in literature of Messianic Christianity to make it appear as if it were founded on sound principles. To interpret or explain a difficult bible passage it is important to come up with something that makes sense, that fits the overall picture, but this must not be arrived at by employing unequal analogies like moed vs (Ar)mageddon.

Zech. 14:16-19 says that the Lord will demand from the nations to keep the feast of taberanacles. Doesn't that prove that we need to observe to old testament feast & holy days? This chapter of the book of Zechariah deals with the scenes of the final end. Not everything is mentioned that will be taking place at that time. To get the missing pieces the last chapter of the book Cosmic Conflict needs to be consulted. Here we find the wicked of all times raised from the dead numbering probably between 20 and 30-billion. It will take a few years to get an economic system going to integrate such a huge number of people. The most important cities (including Jerusalem) will probably be rebuilt. Daily life will be different because of the crowded conditions which seem to be almost unbearable. It will be different also because there will be no new life neither will there be any death. All the people living on earth at that particular time are the wicked who did not want to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Those who happen to live in Jerusalem probably enjoy a better way of life making all others feel envy. Already there is the urge to destroy Jerusalem (the old rebuilt city in this case) even before the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven. This is where Zech.14:2-7 comes in showing that the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished etc.  Then the Lord steps down onto the mount of Olives causing it to split and form a great plain. That is a geological process and may take a few months or even a few years to complete. The book Cosmic Conflict says, "Christ descends upon the mount of Olives, and as His feet touch the mountain, it parts asunder. and becomes a vast plain. Then (a few months later) the New Jerusalem, in its dazzling splendor comes down out of Heaven. As it rests upon the place purified and made ready to receive it, Christ, with His people and the angels, enter the holy city." Please note, "Christ, with His people" does not refer to the resurrected wicked living in Jerusalem before the split of the mount of Olives, rather it is Christ with the host of the redeemed coming down from heaven along with the New Jerusalem. The wicked have left the area where the New Jerusalem was to settle, fleeing for fear. It will take a little while until the panic has subsided, but then everybody's attention is fixed on the magnificent new city which can be seen from far away because it is huge, extending upward much higher than the tallest building mankind ever has erected. Now Satan (as an angel of light - Lucifer) gets into the act determined to conquer the city. He inspires the multitudes that, as their leader, he is able to overthrow the city. He is convincing them that they can overcome the defenseless city, pointing out their overwhelming numbers as compared to those living inside. Satan is working feverishly to have his subjects restore all the military hardware to perfect working condition, but that takes time.  Finally the day has come when everything is ready.... (story not finished yet)

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